Customer Spotlight: Smoker's Abbey


Smokers Abbey is a cigar and pipe lounge located in East Nashville at 604 S. Gallatin in Suite #102. They’re currently on their 6th year of business and are quickly becoming a "hot spot" in the East Nashville community. They offer an inviting and relaxing atmosphere but still have the ability to throw great parties! Not only do they have a walk-in humidor fully stocked with a huge selection of boutique and major label cigars, they also showcase a number of draft, bottle and can beers many of which are from breweries that we also work with! With 10 handles (3 of those being "NITRO") and full coolers it seems like anytime you walk in you can grab a beer from Yazoo, Southern Grist, Bearded Iris, and many other great local and national breweries.


Our team has been printing for Smoker's Abbey since they kicked off over 6 years ago and we are proud to be a part of what they are doing here in East Nashville!

We sat down briefly with Nate the general manager of "The Abbey" (as it is known by it's regulars) and asked him a few questions about what they do and what part custom merchandise has had in their business.

1. Tell us a bit about your company and what you do?

We are Smokers Abbey - A Cigar Lounge Located in East Nashville. We have been a business for 6 years providing a relaxing environment for people to come have a cigar and a beer and find community and rest.

2. How has merch helped your company grow or gain recognition?

This year we have printed more shirts than any other year. I see more people wearing our shirts out and about. many people have loved our designs and asked how they can buy a shirt

3. What are your merch goals for the coming year?

This coming year we are looking to have hoodies and hats made for the first time. and we would like to reprint some of our shirt designs in different color tees.