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  • Can I provide my own shirts?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer contract printing. But we are happy to direct you to someone who can help!
  • Can I do less than 48 shirts?
    Our minimum is 48 pieces per design and we will need the MOQ to be met before proceeding. If unable to, I’d be more than happy to connect you with a shop that can take care of smaller orders.
  • Can I mix my order with shirts, hoodies, long sleeves to meet the 48 piece minimum?"
    Absolutely, as long as the artwork stays the same on both garments.
  • Why were my shirts completed before my patches/hat order?
    Check out our turn times on our Guidelines page.
  • Can I resize my design for each shirt size in the order?
    If we will need to resize the design, each resize will be considered a new order since new screens will be made and therefore, our MOQ of 48 pieces per design needs to be met.
  • Can you create some text for me to put on a shirt?
    Yes absolutely! Our design fee is $75/hr with a minimum of 1 hour. This will incur a flat $75 fee.
  • It is just text, it’s not really a design. Why am I being charged a design fee?"
    You are correct that it is just text. We will be creating this for you and will have to charge for our time which is a flat rate of $75 for adding text to your design.
  • Can I provide an illustration I created?
    Yes absolutely. We do ask that the illustration is vectorized before sending. If we have to prep the artwork in order to print it successfully, there will be an art charge of $75 per hour.
  • I only have a jpeg or png of the design. Does this work?
    These file types don’t work well as they are made up of pixels, or tiny squares. Vectorized artwork is made up of points and paths which gives scalability and cleanliness to the design. We will review the artwork sent over and determine if it will work. If not, we can vectorize this for you at a rate of $75.
  • Can you print full color?
    I’m glad you asked, and YES! We will use different processes for different designs depending on what will work best for the final product - whether that be Spot Color, 4 Color Process (CMYK), or Simulated Process.
  • Can I see a printed sample before you begin my order?
    We provide digital proofs along with detailed spec sheets at the time of quote approval. This will reflect sizing, placement, and specify ink colors and is a good representation of the finished product. However, for orders of 500 pieces or more, we do offer a press check. This must be requested at the time of placing your order, prior to order approval and payment. If we are in the process of setting up your order or have already started, we will be unable to accommodate.
  • Can I pay with cash?
    Money is money, right?! However, we only accept check, credit/debit card, and bank transfer. And remember - we don’t begin your order until approval and payment in full has been made.
  • Can I change some things with my order even though I just approved it?
    We attach a Post Approval Correction Fee file to every quote, right beside the mockup/spec sheet. This outlines that any changes requested after your quote has been approved will be subject to the $50 correction fee. So make sure you review your mockup, quantities, and all order information listed on quote carefully.
  • How do I receive my completed order?
    We direct ship most orders and at no cost to you (thank you FedEx!) You will be notified via email or SMS, if you choose to opt in, once your order has been completed and shipped. You will also receive order arrival times as well.

Frequently Asked Questions



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